Emergency Repairs

Emergency Repairs

Should an emergency occur during business hours, please call us on (08)8376 3335 or email a maintenance request.

If an emergency arises outside of normal business hours, please call 0427351008.  If the phone is not immediately answered, please leave a message describing in full the emergency, which property it relates to, along with your contact name and number.

We will then be able to assess whether the emergency must be attended to immediately, or can wait until the next working day.

Please ensure the repair requested is an emergency, because if a tradesperson does attend the property after hours and the issue could have waited until the next working day, you may be responsible for the full or part account charged by the tradesperson.

Please be aware that during a prolonged heatwave, it is very likely there will be a waiting period to get a qualified tradesperson to the property due to the increase in demand for their services.