Repair Guide

Repair Guide

All repairs need to be lodged in writing.

You can lodge written repair requests online or email

Be as descriptive as possible and include photographs with your maintenance request so we can provide the best trade person for the job.
All maintenance requests require the landlord’s approval before a tradesperson can be authorised.

Please remember should a maintenance contractor be called to the property and the fault is found to be caused by the tenant/s or no fault is found, the tenant may be responsible for
the full cost of the account.

No power – Is it one of your appliances?
Ensure you do this before you contact Elite Rentals.
 Turn the power off at the mains power and remove all plugged in items, (including dishwasher, range hood, air conditioners, external power points and electronic roller doors).
 Turn the mains power back on
 One by one plug in the appliances.
 If the power turns off again – this is normally the item or power point that is causing the problem.
 To determine if it is the appliance or power point – plug in an extension cord into an alternative power point and try the appliance again.

Water Leaks/dripping taps
 If causing damage to the property or you have a concern regarding water wastage
please turn the water off at the meter (location of meter is on your ingoing inspection
 Mop/wipe up any excess water or use a bucket
 Report in writing to our office asap

No Water or Power
please check online or call for outages in your area or work being completed in your street/neighbourhood that may affect this
SA Water – 1300 883 121
SA Power Networks – 13 13 66

Air Conditioning
 Check the temperature is not set too low for cooling, nor too high for heating – ideal is 22 – 23 degrees before contacting us
 Read through manuals and trouble shooting guides before contacting Elite Rentals